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AI Face Recognition Temperature Screening Terminal – Includes 4ft Floor Stand


To further improve temperature measurement efficiency and reduce human interactive infection risk,  Telpo launched AI face recognition temperature screening terminal TPS980T Pro.  It can support 3-4 people simultaneously dynamic detect body temperature and quickly identity identification at a far distance, which will effectively screen high-temperature population and accurate multi-person dynamic temperature detection.

Multi-Person Body Temperature & Biometric Screening

Main Features

1. Far Distance Touch-free AI Temperature Screening

Adopting the non-contact temperature detection module and 80x64 pixel infrared array support 3-4 people simultaneously dynamic temperature detection.  Based on the deep learning algorithms, intelligently predict human body temperature  to achieve efficient and accurate temperature measurements.

2. HD Screen Display And High-Temperature Warning 

The 8-inch touch display supports simultaneous display multi-person body temperature. High-temperature warning screen tips.

3.Mask Detection

Quickly screen whether passers wear masks; Support multi-language intelligent voice prompt.

4. VL + IR Binocular Camera, Double Guarantee for Accurate Identification

Adopting a cutting-edge VL(Visible Light) + IR(Infrared) binocular camera to achieve liveness detection and accurate identification in various environments Maximum 10,000 face images can be stored and recognition accuracy rate up to 99.5%

5. Smart Personel Information Acquisition And Tracking

Support card reader, face recognition, card reader + face recognition, human witness comparison etc. It can quickly be screening personnel temperature, greatly improve the efficiency of personnel tracking and monitoring.

6. Cloud Data Management

Support intelligent attendance and access control management, personnel management, personnel health management, device management, and data statistics; Public cloud and private cloud deploy is allowed.

7. Flexible Deployment, Easily Install And Operate

Rich interfaces able to connect peripherals and expand their applications; Adopting a vertical metal bracket and rapid mobile deployment  method, making on-site installation simple and convenient

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 15 in


Chipset: Rockchip
OS: Android 7.1
CPU: Dual-Core 1.8GHz(A72) + Quad-Core 1.4GHz(A53)
Memory: 4GB DDR, 16GB eMMC
Chipset: Qualcomm
OS: Android 8.1
CPU: Octa-Core 1.8GHz(A53)
Memory: 2GB DDR, 16GB eMMC
Display 8-inch, 800*1280
Keys 1 Reset Key
Sensor(Optional) Infrared Sensor
Front Camera Dual-lens   Camera (RGB+IR)
Single-lens Camera (RGB) (Optional)
3D Depth Sensing Camera (Optional)
Fill Light White LED
Contactless Card Reader (Optional) ISO14443 Type A/B, ISO18092 compliant
SIM Slots (Optional) 1 SIM
Communications Ethernet/WiFi/Bluetooth
LTE (Optional)
Temperature Measurement Resolution :   80*64
Distance    : 1 ~ 2m
Accuracy   : ±0.5℃
Capability   : 3-4 persons one time
Peripheral Ports 1 DC Port, 1 RJ45, 1 micro USB,  1   Wiegand, 1 RS485
Audio Digital Audio Speaker, Microphone
Power Supply 12V/2A
Bracket(Optional) Wall Mount Bracket, Turnstile   Mount Bracket
Dimensions (mm) 317 (L)*135 (W)*31 (H)
MDM(Optional) Mobile Device Management
Certification CE, FCC, RoHS


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